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Technical Services

Vaughan offers a variety of specialty services for our customers.

Utilization of these services can provide an improved understanding of roof problem areas and immediate moisture detection.  This is crucial to prevent accelerated roof and deck deterioration and additional exposure to environmental issues, such as mold.


·         Factory Mutual (FM) Standards Verification

Vaughan’s staff is experienced in all aspects and applications of Factory Mutual Design Standards.  Insurance companies are increasingly denying claims based on non-compliance with their ever changing regulations.  We are continually updating our database on these standards and can provide information on systems that keep your facility within the required parameters of your insurer.  It is terrible when a facility’s roof is lost in a storm.    It is tragic when coverage is denied because a prudent knowledgeable contractor was not used.


·         Infrared Moisture Detection

Vaughan utilizes infrared cameras to detect moisture.  The camera will instantly display which areas are wet or dry.  The process of using these cameras provide accurate results with minimal impact to people and buildings.


·         Tramex Moisture Detection

In certain instances the infrared camera cannot be used due to roof type.  When this occurs, Vaughan can utilize the Tramex DEC SCANNER, which will work to detect moisture in all roof types.  These moisture meters can detect as little as 2% excess moisture in non-destructive testing of built-up roofing.


·         Surveys and Budgets

Vaughan can provide our customers with surveys and budget projections so roof issues are not a surprise.  Our experienced staff and moisture detection equipment enables us to assess current roof conditions as well as projected life spans.  Our survey and budget program depicts annual repair and maintenance expenditures.   Immediate maintenance needs are highlighted so further roof deterioration can be halted.  Upon the conclusion of the survey, a full information booklet is issued to the customer for their facility.  This service can be provided as often as the customers sees fit.


·         CAD – Computer Aided Design

Vaughan’s Drafting Department utilizes CAD for details and shop drawings.  From new construction submittals to survey analysis drawings, Vaughan’s drafting department provides an accurate product for every required need.

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